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About us
We are a Training and Consulting firm helping Corporate, Educational Institutions and Individuals gain more from everything they do and prepare to do, quintessentially becoming more effective.

We focus on bottom line results and guarantee at least a 3 to 1 return to your investment. We save companies millions of dollars through realized solutions in productivity, inventory costs, cost avoidance and throughput.

Archiving those results is done by introducing your culture with incremental solutions that are sustained through our leadership, methodical approaches and innovative tools.

Our team consists of Certified Lean I3E Black Belt Professionals with rich experience in BPR, process improvement and implementation of Business support system. They have trained more than 3000 professionals on several quality improvement tools including I3E, statistical tools, Kaizen Methodologies & Lean implementation. They have worked with several domestic and International clients in the capacity of Program Manager & Project Lead from start to end in several critical projects.

Our Mission
To be the global provider of choice in Training and consulting, to deliver flexible, innovative and customized solutions thereby exceeding customer’s expectation consistently.

Our Vision
Our company apprises to be a world-class provider for onsite training & consulting service at a very competitive price.

Our Services
We recognize that organizations cannot face todays’ challenges with yesterday’s methods and remain in business tomorrow. To archive business excellence, organizations require innovative and practical solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. As such, our company provides solutions that are practical, workable and robust whilst maintaining the overall philosophy of “keeping things simple”.

We Will Come To Your CompanyOnsite I3E training and certification options for organizations already using the methodology or just wanting to launch in a specific area. For these programs we can train from our onsite I3E training and certification allows us to focus on the needs of your company. We provide full deployment services from beginning to end. We also offer separate few individuals or as many as your request depending on your requirements.

Customized Training & Certification Programs
In addition, we will customize our onsite I3E training and certification programs to meet the specific needs of your company. We incorporate relevant examples and encourage the use of a live project scenario from within your organization to provide a real world learning experience. In addition to our I3E training and certification programs, we also offer onsite Lean I3E Training, Design for I3E, and Minitab training. We can also do refresher courses, if your group could use a brush up course on certain techniques, methodologies, or statistical analysis.


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D3+ 19USD Website 19 USD Dịch vụ "19usd" là chương trình mới của D3+ nhân dịp hè 2012. Chúng tôi hướng tới việc mang tới cho người dùng dịch vụ website với mức chi phí thấp nhất, hợp lý nhất và phù hợp nhất với yêu cầu người sử dụng.Chi tiết

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Trụ sở: Số 4 Hàng Bài, Phường Tràng Tiền, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, TP Hà Nội.

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